Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless us now and at the hour of our death.


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Saturday, April 26
5:00 pm
† Rosario & Cornelia Donato
Sunday, April 27
8:00 am
† Rosita Cadiz
9:30 am
† Anthony Aratico Jr.
11:00 am
† Efrain DeJesus
Monday, April 28
7:30 am
No Mass
Tuesday, April 29
7:30 am
No Mass
Wednesday, April 30
7:30 am
No Mass
Thursday, May 1
7:30 am
No Mass
Knights of Columbus St Vincent de Paul

CRS Rice Bowl

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Spring Luncheon

Women of St. Rose
Spring Luncheon

Saturday, April 26 at 11:30am
Persimmon Country Club Patio

$20, Salad luncheon including dessert, Beverages, Tax & Gratuities
Reservation and payment must be received by Sunday, April 20.

For more information, contact Vinnie email or 623-551-2107 or Rose Marie email or 623-551-5101

Happy Easter! 

from Fr. Muir on April 20, 2014

What a joy it is for me to announce this message: Christ is risen! I would like it to go out to every house and every family here in North Phoenix, especially where the suffering is greatest, in our broken families, our homebound, those who grieve, those in prison, to announce this message. 

Most of all, I would like it to enter every heart, for it is there that God wants to sow this Good News: Jesus is risen, there is hope for you, you are no longer in the power of sin, of evil! Love has triumphed, mercy has been victorious!

We too, like the women who were Jesus’ disciples, who went to the tomb and found it empty, may wonder what this event means (cf. Lk 24:4). What does it mean that Jesus is risen? It means that the love of God is stronger than evil and death itself; it means that the love of God can transform our lives and let those desert places in our hearts bloom.

This same love for which the Son of God became man and followed the way of humility and self-giving to the very end, down to hell – to the abyss of separation from God – this same merciful love has flooded with light the dead body of Jesus and transfigured it, has made it pass into eternal life. Jesus did not return to his former life, to earthly life, but entered into the glorious life of God and he entered there with our humanity, opening us to a future of hope.

This is what Easter is: it is the exodus, the passage of human beings from slavery to sin and evil to the freedom of love and goodness. Because God is life, life alone, and his glory is the human person fully alive. 

Look at it this way: Christ died and rose once for all, and for everyone, but the power of the Resurrection, this passover from slavery to evil to the freedom of goodness, must be accomplished in every age, in our concrete existence, in our everyday lives. How many deserts, even today, do we need to cross! Above all, the desert within, when we have no love for God or neighbor. God’s mercy can make even the driest land become a garden and restore life to dry bones.

My brothers and sisters: let us accept the grace of Christ’s Resurrection! Let us be renewed by God’s mercy, let us be loved by Jesus, let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives too; and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, and transform our deserts into lush fragrant gardens of faith, hope, and love. 

And so we ask the risen Jesus, who turns death into life, to change hatred into love, vengeance into forgiveness, violence into peace. Yes, Christ is our peace, and through Him we implore peace for the world, our nation, our parish, and our families. 

In the Risen Christ,
Fr Muir

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