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Tuesday, July 29
7:30 am
Helen Grady—Special Intention
Wednesday, July 30
7:30 am
† John F. Sokal
Thursday, July 31
7:30 am
† Erlinda Wood
Saturday, August 2
5:00 pm
† Efrain DeJesus
Sunday, August 3
8:00 am
Christopher Seck—Special Intention
9:30 am
St Joseph OCDS Community—Special Intention
11:00 am
† John J. Vogel
Knights of Columbus St Vincent de Paul

That Man is You

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Thursday Scripture Study

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Assumption of Mary

That Man is You Men’s Fellowship
“Revelation of the Father”

Begins September 12
Fridays at 5:30am in the Parish Office meeting room

For more information, please contact:
Nate Igielinski (248-464-9200)
Angelo DiPasquale (480-203-7269)
Jack Henz (720-840-1602)
Alex Bragg (480-703-5674)

Or visit

Thursday Morning Scripture Study

Thursdays at 8:30am through August 28
in the Office Meeting Room

Reflection on readings for the week and following Sunday
No need to register, just drop in.
For info contact Mary Gilstrap

Assumption of Mary

August 15 is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is a Holy Day of Obligation. Catholics are obliged to worship God on this Holy Day by participating at Mass.

Thursday, August 14 (Vigil): 7:00pm at Good Shepherd Mission
Friday, August 15: 7:00pm at St. Rose Parish

Natural Family Planning Week

from Fr. Muir on July 25, 2014

It's not too much to say that marriage is the most common way of life God uses to prepare people for heaven. It's a school of love, as Saint John Paul II liked to say, where people learn to give themselves to each other and accept each in and day out. Still, there is not a huge quantity of canonized married couples in the Church's roll of official roster of saints. But July 26 is an exception.  This is a day on which we do celebrate a husband and wife who are both canonized: Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary, the grandparents of Our Lord Jesus. 

I mention it because here in the USA, this day marks the end of National Natural Family Planning (NFP) week. It's a week dedicated to deepening our understanding of the gift of human sexuality in marriage, and the unique way that NFP highlights that gift. Saints Joachim and Anne became Saints in large part because of their "yes" to God's plan for their sexuality and marital love. 

NFP is about knowledge. It's about knowing how our bodies are designed, but also how this amazing design is oriented to deepening our capacity to love and be loved. Knowing how we are created as male and female--in God's own image--is a gift for all human beings who wish to penetrate and live this mystery more profoundly, and for married couples in a particular way. 

Saints Joachim and Anne became saints precisely through their capacity to bear new life through their sexuality. They allowed their love for each other and for God to become deeply intertwined. Knowing and living God's awesome plan stamped into our sexuality is a great way for all of us to experience and deepen this kind of transformation, whether we are married or not. Learning more about NFP--and sharing it with friends--is an exciting way to do this. 

There are several common misconceptions regarding the principles and practice of Natural Family Planning. Check out the realities behind frequent myths by going to and clicking on these myths. You'll be amazed. 

Myth #1: NFP is based on guesswork: it's what people used before modern science developed contraception.

Myth #2: NFP can be used only by women with regular cycles. 

Myth #3: NFP is too complicated to be used by most people.

Myth #4: NFP is not a reliable method of family planning.

Myth #5: There is no difference between NFP and contraception.

Myth #6: NFP does not allow for sexual spontaneity.

Myth #7: Couples who use NFP have sex less often than couples who use contraception.

Myth #8: The Catholic Church wants people to have as many babies as possible.

Myth #9: The Catholic Church does not want married couples to have sex just for pleasure.

Happy NFP week, everybody. 

Learning in the school of love we call the Church,
Fr Muir

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Thursday Morning Scripture Study

8:30am in the Office meeting Room

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Help Wanted: Catechists, Classroom Aides, Core Team Members

"Called to Protect" Safe Environment Training

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Women of St Rose Cookbooks for sale!

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That Man is You - Revelation of the Father

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Catholic Retreat for Young Singles (CRYS)

at Mount Claret, Phoenix

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